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ALPEMA: Aluminium Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers Manufacturer Association
Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA)
Heat Pump Association
HEXAG: Heat Exchanger Action Group
IEA Heat Pump Centre
Met Office
PIN: Process Intensification Network
UK Heat Transfer Society


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Chapter 4 - Compact and Micro-heat Exchangers
Compact/micro-heat exchangers – Their role in heat pumping equipment.
Chapter 7 - Compact Heat Exchangers in Practice.
Compact heat exchangers: A review of current equipment and R&D in the field.
The use of polymers in heat exchangers.
Impact of new technologies on future heat exchanger design.
The Role of the Commission of the European Communities in Supporting and Promoting Heat Pump Technology.
Melting of phase change material assisted by expanded metal mesh.
Heat transfer enhancement—a review of techniques and their possible impact on energy efficiency in the UK.